Thursday, August 30, 2012

Johnny Depp

So I sat down today and decided to just have a Johnny Depp movie marathon. I have found that his movies all have this coy underlying tone; making me realize that actors, much like writers, have a voice they want to portray. Which led me to a knew thought; what's my voice?

Like any person who loves to write I want to write the next great American novel. But, what would it be about? There doesn't seem to be a complete thought of what I could write that would set my book apart from those already written. Having studied literature for so many years I have an appreciation for the old styles. There's something about a good satire that warms the soul.

On that thought it came to me! The only way to write a great novel is to just write; unbiased by the thoughts of others and not caring about them. With my new found prolific thought in process I have decided to go to the drawing board.

Here's to my first day of many to come!

I love you; I hate your BFF

Why is it that when you get into a relationship it seems as though you end up in a relationship with the best friend as well?

The worst thing in the world is being with someone who puts all their efforts into their best friend, especially when that best friend does nothing in return for them. Now there are those friends who financially mooch, but are actual good people and are there for someone good or bad times. But, the friend that is the topic of this rant today is not.

Ask that person you're dating; "When was the LAST time you were going through something and they were really there for you?", there response usually dates somewhere back to childhood when they broke up with their first love or their parents got divorced. Here's what I have to say FLY A KITE IN TRAFFIC, you are holding someone in such high regards because of actions a decade ago. Why don't you try putting two and two together of what they aren't doing for you now and what you're doing for them.

So here's a toast to you, the BFF who can't stand up to the actual meaning of being a friend.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012


Cheaters never prosper; or do they?

I think it's safe to say that cheaters do prosper. They carry on a relationship with someone else and lie about it, and if they get caught in the lie they have something to fall back on and if they don't get caught well then they get to live the best of both worlds. 

Now I'm not saying cheating is acceptable, or right by any means and I think a person caught cheating should be punished, but it seems that the person cheated on always seems to be the only one hurting when the cheating happens. 

And why do people blame themselves? Dude, wake up and smell the coffee; it's not your fault you were cheated on, there may have been signs you overlooked, but it's not your fault that cheating actually happened. 

The cheater is at fault, the cheater is always at fault. Whether it be their insecurities or fears that led them astray it's their fault for actually going through with cheating. 

Now, the question is how do you keep a cheater from cheating? And the answer is simple; you don't. If a man met you when he had a girlfriend the likelihood of him meeting a girl and striking a conversation they way he did with you is pretty high. I mean if you're comfortable enough to do something once, why not do it again. But of course you can never express the insecurities you have to them because guess what; you showing insecurities -> makes them insecure -> making them want to cheat. 

It's all cycle babble honestly. 

No, that wasn't a typo I don't mean psycho as in pertaining to the mind and studies, I literally mean cycle; as in the process of cheating (and yes it is a process) is a cycle and cheaters are people who don't know how to break cycles.

That means that if they aren't happy with an aspect of their life they won't change it. They'll continue going through the motions until they have someone or something they consider stable, in which case then they'll move onto that relationship. Their only problem is they don't realize there as done with their new relationship as they were their old one. 


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The moments

There is a time in life when your age starts to put things in perspective for you, and the world you live in becomes small.

You stop thinking of everything as a means to an end and start realizing you're your own means to an end.

No matter what anyone says to you, thinks of you, or wants from you, you control the world around you, the world that in fact does revolve around you and you do control.

People will always have something to say about you and you can't control how they feel, but you can control how you act and how you allow them to make you feel.

Truth is though if you let others control the way you feel, especially about yourself, you've given up hope on yourself. You've allowed them to bring out a side of you that shouldn't be allowed to exist.

Love yourself or no one else will!

Sins of the Past

So here's the big question should a person be held accountable for the sins of their past?

Sometimes we play with our own emotions, pushing things into the back of our own mind, not holding them up to a standard they should be held to, and then when we get everything we wanted and worked so hard for we find out that those things we pushed to the back of our mind are still there and that they have festered into a putrid disdain.

How then do you blame the person who you let things slide for? Is it in fact even their fault?

So then you begin to blame yourself because your the one who tried to pretend like things didn't bother you when they were actually eating you up inside. If you bring up your issues they look at you as if a new head sprouted from your shoulder, and the feelings just eat you up inside.

There never seems to be an easy way of expressing your feelings without someone getting defensive, but the truth is that sometimes people need to shut up and listen to the rant. Stop feeling like you're being attacked and realize that the person ranting just has feelings they need to get out; they don't necessarily need an immediate response they just want you to know how they feel.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


What is the definition of a good leader? a person who has commanding authority or influence

So basically a leader is placed in a position of having power but with no true guidelines on how they should act or treat others. Now it may be thought that most systems that contain a leadership role/position hold those attempting to attain the position to certain standards, but what happens when an institution sets its standards to a strict monetary standard?

It can be overwhelming to be placed in a leadership role, especially when the role is attained on a monetary performance base and on nothing to do with ones people skills. It is upon an event like this where those who are good at making money and those who are good at dealing with people should be separated into two groups. 

Someone who is a people person may not be able to develop a business financially, but their recruiting skills are undeniably a necessary factor in building and establishing work environments. 

This is a moment when the managing authoritative figure must learn to balance acclamations between the two different types of leaders within the office. A failure to identify the different attributes and give praise to one over the other will end with a significant amount of the personalities not being praised leaving the office unbalanced.