Sunday, January 15, 2012


How do you get over something you don't want to get over at all? It's a relentless question that haunts the uncertain mind at all times of the day. There come times in a relationship when timing and readiness are a strong factor in the progression or regression of it; and it is in those moments where you have to struggle with the idea of letting love go. 

It is as if you have to murder your love. That is to take a leap of faith in the opposite direction; making yourself unhappy and hurting someone in order to keep a sane mental state. So how do you kill love?

Everyone searches for love. Searches to find that someone who completes their thoughts. The person that knows their response to a question before it's even asked. The person who makes them feel smart and safe. The person they want to fall asleep next to every night and the only thing better than falling asleep in their arms is waking up in them.

It's a funny thing though when you find that and no matter how right or how good it feels you can't have it completely because someone in the relationship gets scared and starts to hold back. FEAR that's what's funny about relationships. The fear of relying on someone, wanting them there; being dependent on the emotions of another. Doing everything in your power to make them happy can actually make you neurotic. 

But, what is it that you can do to just let them go? How do you stop yourself from that need to fall asleep and wake up next to them? How do you just let them go?