Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The feeling of being unaccomplished

Remember when you were a child and you thought of all the things you could be when you grew up? What happened to the feeling of opportunity and the ability to accomplish goals you set for yourself? 

It is sometimes said that you don't accomplish what you want in life because you don't try hard enough, but is that in fact really true? I'm finding more and more that the people who are accomplishing these great goals they have had for themselves are people who are still living with their parents or know someone who can get them ahead. Whatever happened to the necessity for raw talent? When did people stop looking at applications and saying "this could be a perfect fit" and start saying "well this is so and so's child and we can teach them what they need to know"?

People talk of political parties only looking out for the better of those within their circle, but the reality is the entire American economic system has fallen into that realm of thinking. Society has become a place where people want to see people they know succeed. That's not to say that they don't want to see those they don't know succeed but, rather play the out of sight of mind game. 

I enjoy writing. I also enjoy researching. I could think of a million topics to research and write papers on, but guess what I'm not a college professor and no one is going to pay me to just sit around and write. I went to school where the newspaper was controlled by a committee that was basically like a sorority/ fraternity combined. FACT!  IF YOU WANTED TO WRITE FOR THE SCHOOL PAPER YOU HAD TO ENDURE THE HAZING IT TOOK JUST TO GET ON TO THE COMMITTEE! Not to mention it consisted of all the rich kids; because obviously if you came from a wealthy family it meant you were more apt to produce great stories and have better writing. 

Something in me has snapped today and I'm not sure why, but I'm looking around me and seeing that this country and the institutions of learning (especially higher learning) are not what they were when I was child. Though I am unmarried and without children looking at society the way it is and what it's evolving into worries me and makes me question whether I would want a family in it.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas 2011

As the 25th of December quickly approaches I find myself not in the holiday spirit this year. The concept of buying presents is more depressing than exciting; and planning my travel pattern is nothing more than a headache. I don't know when I became so unchristmasy (yes I made up a word to express my sentiment) but there is something about this year that just isn't doing it for me. I just feel like the real meaning of Christmas is lost. Everyone is so worried about what to buy, who is gonna spend more money than another and it's all so exhausting. Who cares what you get, shouldn't it be about spending time with family, getting to see people you haven't seen in months or years; and if you're spending it with people you see on a regular basis they probably spend a significant amount of time and money on you already. Even kids these days think Christmas is about asking for expensive presents they wouldn't other wise get, and parents spend money they don't have on getting them it; with the hope that they will give their children an amazing Christmas. 

It's not that I'm a s Scrooge and I'm saying bah humbug to Christmas, but can we seriously stop worrying about how much someone spends and just be happy they're still alive and here to give us a hug. Be grateful that we can still hear their voice and bust their balls, because in a year you probably won't remember what they bought you, but you'll remember what they looked like and what they said to you.

Monday, December 19, 2011

When It All Falls Apart

Sometimes everything needs to fall apart in order for a person to know who will really be there to pick them up. 

There are unfortunate moments in life that will test a persons strength, faith, and ability to keep their mental capacity from tearing into two. In these moments a person will turn to those that they care about, in hopes that they will find a safe place to call home. Sometimes they find that where they thought they could turn actually turns out to be a dead end and other times they find home was in the one place they never thought to look; and in rare, beautiful instances, home is exactly where it should be and they are embraced with open arms. 

There are many things to be grateful for, but unfortunately the thought of being thankful only comes but once a year. So this a moment to say thank you: thank you for the people you never expected to stand by your side, thank you for the memories you have been able to make and the ability to make more, thank you for the sun rising every morning, thank you for the change of seasons, thank you for the ability to love and be loved.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Just Do It

Sometimes in a relationship people just need you to be there. Don't wait for them to ask and don't ask them if they want you there. Just show up at their door and say hello. It is just an easy way to bring a smile to their face and ease to their heart. 

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Going the Distance

Sometimes it is easier to give up everything you want in hopes that you will want everything you have.

Falling In Love

So the wise man says "only fools rush in" and scientists attribute it to a release of some chemical in a woman's brain when she orgasms, but then how did all those people get married and start families and be in love before casual sex became a factor? Also, to state it perfectly clear most women are probably afraid to admit that they have been able to have perfectly casual sex and not get emotionally attached because of negative stigmas. Therefore, what makes us fall in love?

It is the ability to see in the other person what they cannot see in them self. In many situations there are times when one person is completely open and willing to take in everything another has to offer and the other person is not. Thus, the problem arises where relationships feel as though they are going nowhere and there is a vicious cycle of negative emotions arising. The next issue being; how to do deal with those emotions. 

How do you deal with loving someone who isn't ready to love you? The answer is: there is no answer. Everyone deals with emotions differently; some cry, some fight, some run away, and the list could go on for hundreds of pages; but the one question everyone asks them self is why didn't they love me back?! 

It is innate human nature to try to rationalize every situation (a problem other mammals don't face). Most of the time rationalizing a relationship is adjoined with loathing; either for oneself or the other person involved. 

Self - loathing is the worst form of rationalizing a non-responsive partner. Often, because it is a quality possessed by those who have not been selfish in any way. Thus, it isn't until the one who has eaten away at them self finally begins to express a sense of disdain for their partner does the selfish one in the relationship see the err of their ways (often too late).